About Us

What we do

Inadequate rural education is an issue faced at varying degrees by every nation in the world. Barriers to quality education are very high for students from underprivileged areas and has increased due to the current challenges of Covid-19. Our goal is to minimize the rural-urban educational divide by enhancing STEM education for the rural community, and inspiring them for real- world occupations in the STEM fields.


RESTEM Initiative is working to mitigate this issue by creating hands-on STEM kits for students from rural and underserved communities. These rural students are facing significant barriers to meaningful collaboration, due to lack of opportunity, lack of STEM teachers, funding issues, and  technology gaps which has widened even more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who We Serve

We cater to middle school students. RESTEMi will implement programs with increasing levels of student engagement leading to a cadre of students with strong interest and foundation in pursuing STEM. These programs are designed to address the above issues by leading students through the stages of awareness, exposure, and support. The programs that will be offered will include Webinars on why STEM Education and experimental STEM kits, workshops etc.

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